Warning signs presented themselves from the start. Flashing like the neon displays in Piccadilly Circus, they couldn’t have advertised things more clearly. But Abbie was too troubled to see clearly. Too damaged to see the dangers Tony Sharpe brought into her life. Until the day he pushed her too far.
‘I start this review with just one word...WOW! Stand clear readers as I am about to declare this as one of my reads of the year’ The Twist and Turn Book Blog

‘This is one of the most intriguing, well-written thrillers I’ve read in a LONG time’ @alexwritesandreads

‘What an incredible read. I can’t believe this is a debut novel’ @the_bookend_reviews

‘This is a truly unique psychological thriller' @emmas.biblio.treasures

'The plot created is completely unique and unpredictable’ @littlemissbooklover87




    'That bone-chilling winter’s day when my brother returned home for good was when I first contemplated murdering my mother…'


    How far would you go to protect your family?


    When Eva’s brother Ben announces he has found their mother, Eva is determined to have nothing to do with the woman who abandoned them eighteen years ago to a traumatic childhood in foster care. Eva is happy now, in a loving relationship with rich and dependable Jim, and she is pregnant.


    Nothing can change Eva’s mind. But when her baby is born with a serious hereditary illness, she is forced to confront both her mother and her past. Eva begins to find forgiveness. But as old secrets and layers of deceit emerge, she makes a shocking discovery on a USB, leaving her fearing for her baby’s, Jim’s, and her own life.




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  • I love this book club for so many reasons. The variety of book recommendations we all make; AJ's fun 'guess the book' emojis; having the chance to read the questions on each month's book and reflect before answering; a friendly group that encourages one another; AJ's great choice of books. I joined before lockdown, but it's been even more of a bonus during this time. I'm sure I'll be a long-term member.

    Linda Gascoyne
  • I am LOVING my first ever experience of a book club!! Nice to review books and be able to ‘chat’ online to like-minded people. It's rewarding to read books outside of my comfort zone and usual genre. Also, I am really enjoying reading some of the books the others are recommending in this club.

    Christine Henderson
  • I love AJ's virtual book club! The titles so far have been varied and so interesting to read. It's so great to connect and discuss books with fellow book lovers! The questions are always thought-provoking, and I love learning about other people’s experiences with the same book.

    Ellie Ferguson
  • I absolutely love being in AJ’s Reading Corner. I read every day, even if it’s only a page or two, and often struggle to decide what book to read next, so to have someone chose for me has been fabulous!

    The chosen titles have been from different genres and topics but all with such interesting plots or characters. I have thoroughly enjoyed every one. AJ asks such thought-provoking questions at the end of the month and in such a way that there is no right or wrong answer- just opinion and ideas, so I don’t feel embarrassed to express my thoughts and really enjoy reading other people’s.

    Emma Fergus
  • Joining AJ’s Reading Corner has been a bright new light in my life. I have (finally!) joined Facebook to be a part of it.

    Dawn Harland
  • I absolutely love AJ's Reading Corner.  It's been a great comfort, particularly through isolation, as it's such a friendly space. I've found myself reading books I wouldn't have previously thought about, and thoroughly enjoyed them. I'm a fast reader, so it's great to have a constant source of recommendations from both AJ and the other members. I thoroughly recommend it.  Thanks AJ

    Claire Cook
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