BOOK CLUB QUESTIONS: None of This is True

Welcome to book club questions for None of This is True by Lisa Jewell



  1. What did you think about the structure of the book set around a podcast and a Netflix series?
  2. Why did Alix put up with her husband’s disappearing acts?
  3. At the start of the story, the author portrays Josie as a lonely, slightly eccentric woman. When did your opinion of her begin to change?
  4. What did you think of Erin eating baby food? As the story progressed, what did you think was going on behind her bedroom door?
  5. In his conversation with Alix in her studio, Walter said, ‘When she (Josie) doesn’t like the reality of things, she finds a reality she prefers… Just keep your wits about you.’ If you heard this about someone whose character you were already questioning, would you invite them to stay in your house? Why didn’t Alix put a stop to the podcast sooner?
  6. We learn in the final chapters that Nathan’s behaviour was the result of a dysfunctional childhood. Was this a valid excuse?
  7. At the end of the book, Josie reflects that Roxy killed Brooke and that Josie was just protecting her daughter. What do you believe was the truth?
  8. Discuss the ending. Did the author answer all your questions?


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