JUNE 2023


Welcome to our book club questions for The Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley Heller


1.     “The best lesson my mother ever taught me: there are two things in life you never regret – a baby and a swim.” What was the best lesson your mother ever taught you?


2.     “There’s nothing better than bacon and eggs for a hangover. Actually, there’s nothing better than bacon. Food of the gods. Like arugula and unfiltered olive oil and Patak’s Brinjal pickle. My desert-island-disc foods.”  What would be your desert island disc foods?


3.     Which timeline did you enjoy the most – Elle growing up or Elle now?


4.     During the story, did you think Elle would stay with Peter or leave him for Jonas?


5.     Elle’s silence protected Conrad. But she also felt it protected her. What are your thoughts on this?


6.     Elle’s mother’s cure for all woes: “If you’re feeling depressed, organise your underwear drawer.” What is your cure for all woes?


7.     Elle blamed herself for what happened to Conrad, but how much of a role did Jonas play in his death?


8.     Do you think Gina suspected Jonas and Elle of having an affair?


9.     Peter or Jonas. Who do you think was Elle’s best choice?


10.  The final scene echoes Wallace’s advice that you never regret a baby or a swim. Did you find the ending satisfactory?




Photo by Mariana Montrazi

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