APRIL 2023


Welcome to our book club questions for Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid


  1. June – naïve or plain stupid? Can men like Mick Riva mend their ways?
  2. Which of the four siblings was your favourite?
  3. Do you think the school were right to ignore what was happening after June died, or do you think it was unfair on Nina to miss her education to shoulder the responsibility?
  4. Did you think Nina would take her husband back –  a case of like mother like daughter?
  5. “Family histories repeat… try as we might, we will never be able to outrun the blood that runs in our veins… or maybe we are free the moment we’re born.” Which of these two of Nina’s thoughts do you agree with the most?
  6. Do you think men like Mick can rebuild bridges and have a relationship with their kids?
  7. Did your view on who started the fire change as the story progressed?
  8. Were you surprised at who started the fire?
  9. What were your feelings for Mick in the end – love or hate, or somewhere in between?
  10. The ending allows for a sequel. Did you enjoy the book enough to read it if the author decides to write it?
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