Welcome to our book club questions for The Golden Couple by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen


  1. Do you believe her personality or the circumstances drove Melissa to cheat on her husband?
  2. Did Melissa’s affair affect your view of her character?
  3. In your opinion, can a marriage survive infidelity?
  4. What are your initial thoughts on Avery’s ten-session programme?
  5. Are you a Finley or an Avery? Would you have blown the whistle on the Rivanux trials?
  6. As the story progressed, which characters did you think were central to the plot, and which were red herrings?
  7. Who do you think the title really applied to after hearing who actually said kissing Marissa was like first seeing the ocean?
  8. Which POV did you enjoy the most, Marissa or Avery?
  9. Have you read a book written by two authors before?
  10. Did you guess the ending? If not, how did you think the story was going to end?


Photo by Gabriel Bastelli



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