Welcome to our book club questions for Daisy Darker by Alice Feeney.


  1. This book was packed with interesting characters. Who was your favourite? Who was your least favourite?
  2. Nancy and Frank had a complicated relationship. What were the main reasons for this?
  3. Nana was full of good advice: Don’t waste your life wishing to be like someone else; decide who you are and be you; curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat; we all get broken sometimes, and if you can help fix someone, you should always try.” What is your one piece of advice for your family?
  4. What’s your view on the poetry scattered in the story? Love or hate?
  5. Daisy Darker’s family was as dark as can be. For you, who was the darkest?
  6. “Nan’s little library was my Disneyland.” What is your Disneyland?
  7. How  –  at all ­ –  did your view of Daisy change as the story progressed?
  8. This is a book of family secrets. To discuss the darkest would be a plot spoiler. #nospoilers. What do you think was the second darkest secret?
  9. “I’m not an expert in the afterlife.” What’s your view on life after death?
  10. The ending, in my opinion, is a marmite one. I loved it. What about you?


Photo by Maria Ilaria Piras

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