JULY 2022


Welcome to our book club questions for Her Last Holiday by C.L.Taylor


  1. The author uses different points of view and timelines to tell the story. How effectively do you think they do this?
  2. This vs that? Punting or white water rafting?
  3. As we learn more about Fran’s childhood, do you feel more sympathy for her character?
  4. What are your thoughts on the therapy Tom provided? Do you think these kind of sessions help in real life?
  5. Jenna and Fran’s parents kept a shocking secret from them. How much do you think this impacted their lives?
  6. Do you think Jenna’s trauma warranted her hiding the truth from her family and letting them think she was dead?
  7. What did you think of the way the author ended the story with Kate?
  8. Two broken people can’t form a successful relationship. Do you agree with Jenna?
  9. Did you guess the twist?
  10. Who, in your opinion, was the most disturbed character?
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