MARCH 2022 


Welcome to our book club questions for The Last Thing To Burn by Will Dean


1.     It’s clear from the onset that Kim-ly didn’t know the truth about her sister’s fate. What lead the sisters to end up in this situation?

2.     Thanh gives up her fourth item - a picture of her parents. What three things could you not live without?

3.     What are your thoughts on Leonard’s mum and first wife being called Jane?

4.     Do you think the story would have the same impact if genders were reversed?

5.     The birth and tooth extraction scenes cemented Thanh as an incredibly strong woman. Where do you think she found this strength?

6.     Why didn’t Thanh seek help from Cynthia at the first opportunity?

7.     The author omitted to share Leonard’s motivation for the crimes he committed. Why do you think he did this?

8.     How well do you think the author narrated a female first person?

9.     Did the title give away the ending for you?

10.   Club members stated that the ending left them feeling emotional. Did it affect you the same way?




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