Welcome to our book club questions for Verity by Colleen Hoover.


We slipped an extra book in March, as The Last Thing To Burn was a short read.



1.     Throughout the story, did your views of Jeremy change? Did you think he was a goodie or a baddie?


2.     Lowen has low self-esteem, both professionally and personally. Why do you think this is?


3.     Why do you think Lowen’s mum was scared of her as a child?


4.     There are lots of sex scenes and references to sex. How much do you think this adds to the narrative?


5.     Did you think Verity’s books were facts hidden as fiction, as they were written from a villain’s perspective?


6.     Did you think Crewe was speaking to Verity or this was how his own trauma manifested itself?


7.     What did you think of the ending? Did you expect the twist? How did you expect it to end?


8.     Lowen decided to keep the truth from Jeremy. Do you think she was right to do this?


9.     Lowen says she “brought light into his (Jeremy’s) darkness”. What brings light to your darker days?


10.  How would you answer the question in the final sentence? Which truth was Verity manipulating?



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