BOOK CLUB QUESTIONS: The Phone Box at the Edge of the World



Welcome to our book club questions for The Phone Box at the Edge of The World by Laua Imai Messina


1.    Yui is prepared to brave a typhoon to save the phone box. What would you save in this situation?

2.    Do you agree with the author’s view that as an adult happiness equals success?

3.    Takeshi said to Hana, ‘Love has nothing to do with beauty or talent, believe me.’ What does love mean to you?

4.    The radio playlist corresponded beautifully with the topic of loss and Yui’s life. What song would sum up your life?

5.    Do you think it took Takeshi so long to ask Yui to move in because he wasn’t ready or knew she wasn’t ready?

6.    ‘That’s how chance works, and life is a game of chance.’ The story of the three boys discusses luck. How much do you think luck factors into life or death situations?

7.    ‘We need four hugs a day for survival.’ What one thing do you need daily to survive?

8.    Food is mentioned throughout the story. Does the Japanese diet appeal to you?

9.    Do you see this book as a love story?

10.  This book shows the power of words, both spoken and unspoken. What is your favourite word and why?

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