BOOK CLUB QUESTIONS: Away with the Penguins



Welcome to our book club questions for Away with the Penguins by Hazel Prior


1.     What are your thoughts about Veronica when you first meet her, and how does your opinion change throughout the story?

2.     At the start of the story, Veronica imparts her father’s wisdom. What one piece of advice would you impart?

3.     Do you think Sooty and Patrick are synonymous in that they are both looking for a princess?

4.     “If you are interested in something these days, you simply go ahead and do it. Such opportunities didn’t exist when I was young. Not for women anyway.” How much do you agree with Veronica’s observation?

5.     “Politeness demands that I pussyfoot around the truth.” Agree/disagree? To what extent do you think we do this as a society?

6.     Having lived through the war, Veronica believes a monster is lurking in all of us and that a smile can hide a villain. Do you think this is an unfair judgement of her lived experience or the truth?

7.     Veronica is willing to take the penguins for all that they are but not people. Why do you think this is?

8.     Do you believe it is right to let nature take its course, or should we be allowed to intervene where we can?

9.     Learning about the freedom prisoners of war had, and babies taken from their mothers without consent, came as a surprise. What surprised you?

10.  Veronica’s will states that funds from her estate have to save one penguin a year. What inclusion would you put in your will if you had the same funds as Veronica?

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