AUGUST  2021

Welcome to our book club questions for The End of Her by Shari Lapena



1.     There are some sinister characters in this story. What was your first impression of Patrick? Goodie or baddie?


2.     What about Erica? How did your opinion of her change throughout the story? Did you believe Erica over Patrick?


3.     Do you think the twins having colic heightens emotions and events for Stephanie & Patrick?


4.     Did you guess who Devin’s parents were? How much do you think this subplot added to the story?


5.     What are your thoughts regarding the use of a lie detector if it is not permitted as court evidence? Did you empathise with Stephanie? If your husband took a lie detector and failed it, how would you feel?


6.     Did you think Stephanie was capable of the crime she committed? Do you think being a new mother of twins with colic played a part in her actions?


7.     What did you think of the ending? Did it spoil the enjoyment of the story not knowing who was responsible for Erica’s death?


8.     Who do you think killed Erica?

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