JULY 2021

Welcome to our book club questions for The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley


1. What are your views of an alleged single man adopting six daughters across the world?


2. Which of the sisters is your favourite so far?


3. Do you think it was a coincidence Pa Salt was ‘buried’ at Delos?


4. Do you think Laurent really loved Izabela, or what he couldn’t have?


5. Antonio’s social ambitions dominate his life. How much do you believe social ambitions drive human nature in general?


6. Maia eventually discovers the truth about her past. Do you think in doing so, she achieves closure and is able to move on more effectively?


7. Do you believe it is healthy to know the truth of your birth? Or is it too damaging?


8. Duty is an important theme in the novel. How do you feel the characters negotiate their own sense of duty versus their aspirations?


9. Do you believe Pa Salt is still alive?


10. What did you think of the ending? Does it make you want to read the series?

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