JUNE 2021

Welcome to our book club questions for The Memory Wood by Sam Lloyd


1. Elissa was only thirteen years old when she was kidnapped. How did she manage to survive the horrific ordeal when all those before her didn’t?


2. What did you make of Elijah when he first appeared in the story?


3. Lena comes across as a subservient mother. Why do you think the author chose to portray her in this way?


4. Did you relate to Mairéad as a character? When she first appeared in the story, what did you think was wrong with her? How did her situation enhance the story?


5. Which of the multiple narratives did you find the most engaging?


6. How did your perceptions of the characters change as the story progressed? Who was your favourite character?


7. Why do you think the ghoul demonised single mothers in the way he did?


8. With the right kind of help, do you think people like Elijah can go on to lead normal lives? Or was it too late for him?


9. Did the twist surprise you? Who did you think was the kidnapper?


10. Would you have chosen a different ending?



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