Warning signs presented themselves from the start.


Flashing like the neon displays in Piccadilly Circus, they couldn’t have advertised things more clearly.


But Abbie was too troubled to see clearly. Too damaged to see the dangers Tony Sharpe brought into her life. 


Until the day he pushed her too far. 

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The police officer’s voice is steady as he tells me the news. ‘Your husband is in hospital.’ My heart pounds. I think about my children, safely tucked up in bed. What will happen to us if he loses his life? And more importantly… do the police know where I really was tonight?


Everybody thinks Michael and I are the perfect couple. But everybody is wrong.


Because my dear, lovely husband was at the heart of a scandal at the school where he teaches. He was cleared of any wrongdoing. At first, I believed him. Now, I’m sure he’s been hiding something terrible.


But I can’t tell the police a thing. Because my husband isn’t the only one with secrets.


So, as I stand here knowing I have to tell my children that Michael is fighting for his life, I ask myself: what would be worse? For my husband, the much-loved local teacher, to die? Or for him to live, and for all his lies to come home again?


In the end, the choice is easy. I know what I have to do…


I’ll tell the police that I would never, ever hurt my husband. But will they believe me?

This is a heart-racing thriller that you won’t be able to put down! Perfect for fans of The Housemaid, The Perfect Marriage and Shari Lapena.

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