Warning signs presented themselves from the start.


Flashing like the neon displays in Piccadilly Circus, they couldn’t have advertised things more clearly.


But Abbie was too troubled to see clearly. Too damaged to see the dangers Tony Sharpe brought into her life. 


Until the day he pushed her too far. 

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THE PHONE CALL bestseller


A single phone call can destroy your life.


Joey Clarke was just fifteen when his dad died, leaving him to raise his much younger siblings as his mum dealt with the trauma of bereavement and her failing health. Ten years on, Joey’s only pleasure is spending time with his friend Becca, the love of his life. It’s the one escape from his dead-end job, his ever-increasing debts and the fear that enforcement agents will knock on his front door any day


So when a phone call brings Joey the chance to ease the burdens of his life, he grabs the opportunity, even though he knows things are not entirely as they should be. He justifies it to himself as a way to get back on his feet. But when he finds himself party to a crime linked to Becca, he panics.


As catastrophic events unfold, Joey becomes further embroiled in a web of secrets, lies and deceit. He is now faced with the impossible. Should he confess to the police? Tell Becca? Or should he keep quiet and say nothing?

So when the next job comes in, Joey wants out.

But this time Joey’s in way too deep to say no…

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