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Warning signs presented themselves from the start. Flashing like the neon displays in Piccadilly Circus, they couldn’t have advertised things more clearly. But Abbie was too troubled to see clearly. Too damaged to see the dangers Tony Sharpe brought into her life. Until the day he pushed her too far.

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A missing man. A desperate friend. A circle of deceit.


Would you refuse your friend’s desperate plea for help?


It’s eight years on from the dramatic events of Leave Well Alone, and Eva is now a police detective. When Eva’s close friend Marc disappears, his wife Sasha is distraught, and Eva is baffled. Sasha and Marc were happily married with three kids. They were the perfect couple… or so everybody thought.


Sasha begs Eva to help her find Marc. But he has appeared at the police station where Eva works and has made a statement. It’s on record – when his family report him missing, Marc doesn’t want to be found. Why?


Eva and Sasha search for the truth, and, as each day passes, the mystery deepens. What was Marc up to? What drove his inexplicable actions in the weeks leading up to his disappearance? And then a disturbing discovery changes everything.


A psychological thriller full of twists and turns.

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