Welcome to our December 2023 book club questions for The Cut by Chriss Brookmyre



  1. At the start of the story, do you think Millie killed her lover twenty-five years previously?
  2. Given first appearances, would you have moved in with the three women?
  3. If you were in Millicent and Jerry’s position, what would you have done after he killed the intruder?
  4. Movie references were cleverly woven within the narrative. Did you recognise any of them?
  5. Millicent went from a manic depressive on the brink of suicide to striving to find out what happened with Markus while running from hitmen. What did you think of her character ARC?
  6. “Young people were making a lot of progress, but she (Millicent) could see that some things hadn’t changed. Males were still reluctant to let anyone see their emotions. Especially the tender ones.”  How much do you agree with her statement?
  7. Which part did you enjoy the most – the present or the flashbacks when Millie was still making movies?
  8. What did you think of the ending? Would you read another Chris Brookmyre novel?





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