Welcome to our book club questions for Girl, Forgotten by Karin Slaughter


  1. How do you feel about how teenage pregnancies often depict the girls as ‘easy’, yet the boys are never held accountable?
  2. ‘Mike loved magical realism yet didn’t buy into books with dragons. His feet were ticklish, and he hated being cold. He sometimes resented but always loved his three bossy older sisters.’ Describe yourself in the same way Andrea described Mike.
  3. ‘We all hate our mothers at that age,’ Guinevere said of her daughter. How much do you agree with this statement?
  4. How did you find the dual timeline? Was there one you preferred over the other?
  5. This story was character-heavy. Who was your favourite one?
  6. Throughout the story, who did you think was the father of Emily’s baby? Were you right?
  7. Throughout the story, who did you think killed Emily? Were you right?
  8. Karin Slaughter is the author of more than twenty New York Times bestselling novels. Is this the first novel you have read of hers? If so, would you read another? If you have read others, how does this one compare?


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