MAY 2022


Welcome to our book club questions for Under Her Care by Lucinda Berry


  1. Casey reprimands the detective for referring to Mason as the ‘autistic kid’ rather than ‘kid with autism’, and the detective is quick to point out that he likes him for the murder? Do you feel he is too judgmental to work this case without bias, or do you think he will get to the truth regardless?
  2. What do you think of the unknown narration? Whose voice do you think it belongs to?
  3. This story has similarities to Of Mice and Men, with Mason similar to Lennie. Do you think his mother has taken on the role of George and that she will also have to deal with a lynch mob of people assuming his guilt?
  4. ‘No one judges dad for their kids’ behaviour like they do moms’. How much do you agree with this statement?
  5. Is Savanah a vehicle to help Casey get to the truth, or do you think she played a part in Annabelle’s death?
  6. Casey talks about socially appropriate lies. Do you believe it’s OK to tell such lies?
  7. How likeable is Detective Layne?
  8. The police are very prejudiced in their view because of Mason’s size and mental capacity. Did you prejudge any of the characters?
  9. Genevieve was so desperate for attention that she used both of her kids to get it. Did you see Munchausen syndrome by proxy coming, or did you believe in the monster?
  10. How much do you agree with the final line?
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