Welcome to the book club questions for Playing Nice by JP Delaney



1.     Some may disagree with the author over his comment that no one uses the term ‘stay at home mum’. Do you think the term stay at home dad is negative?


2.     Do you agree with each couple’s decision not to swap Theo and David? Where do you stand on the nature vs nurture debate?


3.     Perfect Pete! Did you find him annoying or admirable?


4.     Pete, Maddie, Miles and Lucy are all very different individuals with distinct personalities. What are your opinions on them?


5.     What is your view on the difference in Pete’s narrative against the affidavit in recollecting Mike’s initial visit to Pete? Why do you think they’re vastly different? Who can we trust?


6.     Do you think Miles truly believed his wealth could provide a better life for Theo and David, or was it just about control?


7.     Do you think Maddie is capable of loving? What separates her from Miles?


8.     “Money doesn’t buy happiness” – but it does provide specialist care for David and his needs. Do you think money should be a relevant factor in who gains custody of David?


9.      Did you sympathise with Lucy’s decision to swap the children, or do you think it was selfish to involve the Riley’s?


10.    Were you satisfied with the ending? Did you predict how the story turned out?

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