Welcome to the book club questions for Grown Ups by Marian Keyes



1. Did you think there were too many characters or just about the right number? How useful did you find the family tree?



2. Some people would love a large family gathering at a plush hotel. Others would hate it. Which camp are you in?



3. At the start of the book, did you think all three relationships would survive until the end of the story? Which one did you think was in the most trouble?



4. Which character did you warm to the most, and why?



5. Did you think the Kinsella family treated Jessie and Johnny unfairly? How do you think you would have reacted in a similar situation?



6. How wrong was Liam to lie about wanting to go to the Prado in Madrid when he and Nell first met? Are white lies OK, even between married couples?



7. What did you think of the way mental health was portrayed, in particular Cara’s bulimia?



8. What were your thoughts on Ferdia and Nell’s relationship?



9. Who did you think was the most ‘Grown Up’?



10. If you had written the story, would you have changed the ending? What would you like to have seen happen?


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