Beware of scammers…


I have to warn you about something that happened to me yesterday.


Last year, I was in discussions regarding audiobook narration for my debut novel Leave Well Alone. Yesterday, the narrator contacted me to ask if I knew my book was listed on ACX accepting audiobook narrators/producer auditions.


I was completely unaware.


For those of you who don’t know, as I didn’t until yesterday, ACX is a legitimate open marketplace which, in simple terms, matches authors with narrators and producers.

Several other narrators reached out to advise the same.


A few details about the listing had raised red flags for them.


1.     The payment type was listed as a royalty share. Given the Amazon ranking in the Kindle store, my book would typically be at an hourly rate.

2.     The listing was void of author notes, directions and preferences, e.g. accent, pitch and voice.

3.     The book description, including the reviews, was cut and pasted from Amazon.

4.     The listing asked for an American accent. My book is set in London, and my storyteller is an English woman.


My stomach reached my throat with the realisation that a scammer had claimed my book’s audiobook rights.


Luckily, due to these narrators’ kindness, and the efficiency of ACX, I was able to get the listing removed in good time. The scammer’s account is now under review. I was told these scammers work quickly and cheaply. By doing so, they have sub-standard audiobooks made. So, not only would l have lost income, but more importantly, my reviews could have suffered.


How can you stop this happening to you?


Protect your work by claiming your books on the ACX website. It is a two-minute task and will not cost you a penny.

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