1.     We can all use the excuses that we don’t have the time, or that we are too tired. From this moment on, stop all excuses and make reading one of your priorities.


2.     Pick a book that fascinates you. One you’ve always promised yourself that you will read when you have the time – order or download it today.


3.     If you don’t know which book to choose, then join AJ’s Reading Corner, my virtual book club. Our monthly titles are from across genres and ones that make us look forward to bedtime – never ones where reading every paragraph proves a mental challenge. Grab yourself a copy of the current month’s title and just start reading. 


4.     Identify what’s stopping you from turning the pages. Is it that you pick up your book in the evening when you’re tired, only to nod off five minutes later? This is learned behaviour and your mind links reading with sleeping. Find another time to read to break this habit. Is it that you can't concentrate in the mornings? Chose another time.


5.     Turn off the TV and phones one evening a week and read instead. Get your family to join you in this habit.


6.     Read books that you want to read. Please don’t feel you have to read books where you find yourself having to reread sentences several times to make sense of them, or because you think you should. And, if a story isn’t doing it for you, quit. Not every book is for everybody. Read what you love!


7.     Make reading a habit like brushing your teeth. Read every day, even if it’s just fifteen minutes when you wake up or before you switch the light off at night.


8.     Consider different forms of books for different times of the day – an Echo dot for when you’re in the bath, audiobooks for when you’re in the car.


9.     Consider different times of the day when you can read for twenty minutes. During your lunch break? While waiting for the kids during their clubs? After your evening meal?


10.  Allow yourself more ‘me time’ to read at weekends. It’s important to choose a time that works for you and your family – say Saturdays after lunch, Sunday mornings before breakfast, or when the kids have gone to bed – and commit to reading for an hour. It’s surprising how a story can absorb you when you devote time to it, which will make you want to read even more.





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