I’ve teamed up with some fab thriller authors to give away FIVE incredible books.


Choices – AJ Campbell

Abbie was too troubled to see the danger posed by Tony Sharpe – until the day he pushed her too far.

Download here


Fatal Fury – Miranda Rijks

Pippa Durrant, psychologist to the police, isn’t meant to investigate. So when she helps vulnerable yummy mummy Amber, the consequences could be fatal

Download here


His Lost Wife – AJ Wills

The last thing Victor remembers is dancing through the streets of Rome with his wife, Ruby, on their honeymoon – so where is she now?

Download here


Saving April – Sarah A. Denzil

When Hannah Abbott notices her teenage neighbour, April, putting a disturbing sign in the window, she’s left with a terrible dilemma.

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Wrong Angle – Jade Eby & Emerald O’Brien

With a serial killer on the loose, Madigan Knox recognises the face of a missing woman on TV as someone from her past…someone she might be able to help.

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